“We are more than what we have been through.”

Sometimes life can make us question everything. Maybe, what started as a difficult day has turned into a bad year. Or you feel lost and just can’t understand why you can’t shake the feeling.

Please know that taking the time to recognize how you feel is a good first step. You don’t have to go through it alone and your efforts are not in vain.

“I feel so Lost.”
“Did I really just let that happen?”
“I don’t deserve this.”
“I Just don’t know how…”

We’ve been there too, and Trending Joy Counseling and Therapy would like to help you on your journey to your better self.

Why I do it

When it comes to managing the emotions we feel, I strongly believe that we must go through them, but we cannot allow ourselves to get stuck in the hurt, pain, and negativity. Being able to persevere happens because people are naturally resilient, even if they don’t believe so in their most difficult moments.

So, if you don’t think you are, remember that you have gotten through 100% of the things you have gone through in your life, and they have led you to this very moment. It’s okay to need help to get through the now.

Our Mission is to help you “define and find your joy.” My goal is to meet you where you are, and to teach you how to find the joy through any situation. It takes work, but we will do this by building tools and supports for you to use, especially when you feel you are the most vulnerable, to help you persevere.

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Want to learn more?

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